School Supply Drive for Mothers Helping Mothers

Our first big support for Mothers Helping Mothers is to purchase school supplies to help the kids have what they need on their first day of school. Rather than ask you to bring different items to Town Hall or to our Summer party like we have done in the past, Tracie McHugh had a brilliant idea – purchase bundles and this way we won’t end up with a ton of glue sticks and nothing else! Jill will be purchasing the supplies with the money you donate and our kids will be able to help package them up into kits during the Summer Party! That way your children will be able to participate in some community service and begin to understand how to help others.
We’ve created four bundles:
Small: This allows us to buy some basics in bulk. Things like composition books, markers, crayons, glue, pencils, folders, tissues, wipes, etc.
Medium: This allows us to buy basics and a few more items with bogo deals. Things like scissors, colored pencils, pencil cases, notebooks, etc.
Large: Our large bundle gets us all of the basic supplies for one elementary student.
X-Large: our extra large bundle gets all of the basic supplies for one middle/high school student.

Please help us out with our first big supporter of Mothers Helping Mothers. This is one that they particularly asked us to help with, so trust me, our efforts will be greatly appreciated! Because Jill needs time to purchase the supplies, please purchase your bundle by Saturday, August 8th.

Thanks so much!

Bundle Size