New Member Information

So you’ve joined, now what?

Welcome Committee – Our Welcome Committee is ready to meet you.  Within a few days after your membership is complete, you will receive an email or phone call from the Welcome Coordinator.

Facebook – For better or worse the majority of group’s business is done on Facebook’s private page.  You can find upcoming events, ask questions, or seek recommendations.  The yahoo group does have some info, but is less active.

Staying Updated – There are so many events! You can sync them to your calender with instructions found here.  We also try and put out emails with important information and event business as needed.

About Our Events – There are “official events” and “unofficial events”.  Our official events are organized by our members for our members.  This includes events like 4 quarterly parties and our monthly scheduled activities like our Monthly Meeting, Moms Night Out, Preschool Picassos and Kids Outings.  Unofficial Events are generally things organized by an outside company and are open to the public.  These events do not require a RSVP but give you more ideas of things to do during the week.

Playgroups – Links to the playgroup Facebook pages can be found here.