Sponsor Spotlight

We are excited to announce we have the Cookie Cottage as a sponsor for our Halloween party and our Christmas party! Cathy Vande Mheen, the owner, will be with us to share her awesome cookie creations. Considering that the Cookie Cottage creates some amazing custom order cookies and cupcakes for all sorts of events, I am looking forward to seeing what cute shapes she brings along to the Halloween party! During the event, kids can decorate and gobble up their creation as soon as they’ve completed the masterpiece.

If you’ve not been to the Cookie Cottage yet, I highly recommend it as a great way to spend some time with your children. We stopped in last month after school and let the kids try it out during their drop-in decorating times. You start your activity by designing your own apron using fabric markers. Once they’re done with that, they put it on and get to work on their cookie creations. There are always a variety of kits on hand. The one I personally wanted to do was a little beehive – you decorate the cookies with icing and then stack them into a beehive and add adorable little sugar bees and sprinkles to the hive! It’s so cute that you don’t want to eat it! Of course, my daughters went after the princess kit with several princess themed cookies and lots of sparkly sprinkles. In addition to drop-in times, they also offer “cookie camp” where you enjoy a baking/decorating activity along with games or other activities. You can expect to see a few of our Kids’ Outings be here in the upcoming months, but there’s no need to wait for us to schedule an outing to go try it out!

Go online to learn more at: http://www.thecookiecottageflorida.com/

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The Cookie Cottage

335 Gillespie Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236

(941) 552-6914