Monthly Events

Preschool Picassos –2014-07-28 21.48.17

Our little ones meet each month to release their own creativity. One to three age appropriate crafts are set up for our preschoolers by our “Preschool Picasso Coordinator”.

Kids Outings

Fire House Tour 2013

There’s nothing a kid likes better than exploring! And we live in such a great place full of places to  discover. Each month we line up a special  fun outings that are tailor-made for the little ones.    Previous months activities have been special kids cooking classes, firehouse tours, trips to the dairy, and even making blue berry picking.

Monthly Meeting –

Each month we meet to discuss club happenings, plan for the upcoming month, and sometimes feature local speakers. Our meetings are a great excuse to come out and just enjoy each others’ company.

Moms Night Out

WhMoms Night Outether we’re just hitting up the local bar for trivia night, checking out a new restaurant in town, or trying our hand at a new skill, we all enjoy setting aside time for a bit of bonding, socializing, and R&R.