Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Lakewood Ranch Moms Group?

A: The Lakewood Ranch Moms Group is a group dedicated to supporting local moms. Members meet throughout the month for trips to the parks, area tours, lunches, playgroups, and crafts. Additionally we regularly host events for our moms and couples. Whether you need a pediatrician referral or a glass of wine and a friendly ear, we are here to support you.

Q: How are you different from other LWR Meetup style groups?

A: Lakewood Ranch Moms Group is the official LWR Moms Group as recognized by Town Hall. We have been around for over a decade. Yes, we offer a support network and provide you with lots of opportunities to get out in the community on play dates with our members, but we offer more than that. We take pride in the traditions our members have created over the years: large holiday events such as Sunday with Santa, free seasonal parties like our Spring Fling, fundraising for local charities, monthly art classes for our “Preschool Picassos”, and an organized network of moms, like our School Ambassador program, to support you with any questions you may have.

Q: I don’t live in Lakewood Ranch. Am I still permitted to be a member?

A: Yes! Because we are registered with Lakewood Ranch’s Town Hall, we are required to have the majority of our membership be residents of Lakewood Ranch. However, we can have up to 20% of our members living outside of the area.

Q: What are the dues and what do they go towards?

A: Dues are $40.00 for the year (July to July) and are used to help fund our quarterly events, fundraisers, advertising, and general administration of our group.

Q: So, if I pay dues in November, my membership doesn’t go through until the next November?

A: Correct. Because we are run by volunteers, we found it was easier for our volunteers to only need to collect dues once a year rather than from different members each month. We do cut the membership dues fee in half if you join anywhere from February to June.

Q: How often would I be required to attend?

A: There is no attendance requirement. Participate in activities based on your own needs, your kids’ desires, and your schedule.

Q: What ages of children do you all have?

A: At any time we have members with kids ranging from newborns to high school and beyond.

Q: Are there any other costs?

A: Some of our activities and parties are free and some have a cost associated with them. For example, if we meet at a local bounce facility or restaurant, each mom pays for herself and her children. We try to keep a good balance of free and low-cost events. Two quarterly parties also have a small fee. Preschool Picassos has a nominal fee per child participating in the craft.

Q: How do I join?

A: Complete the Membership Form online or request a form via email at .