About Membership

For over thirteen years, the Lakewood Ranch Moms Group has been helping our local moms connect with other moms with children of the same age. Hundreds of lasting friendships and tons of fun with our monthly activities make us a great way to feel at home in your community.

To join our friendly and fun community of parents, please complete the online membership form.  Our membership year begins in July, though members may join at any time.  If you are unable to access the online membership form please e-mail the web coordinator.

Membership dues are only $40 for this year!

Benefits Abound!

Being a part of Lakewood Ranch Moms group brings many benefits – both socially and personally.

Here are few:

  • Our Private Facebook Group: Members have easy access to each other in a safe, private Facebook group, which provides a vast number of resources, impromptu play dates, expert articles, member recommendations. It’s a terrific tool to keep you connected!IMG_6430
  • Monthly Newsletter: Our monthly newsletter is sent to members and includes articles on things such as parenting tips, safety, tips, recipes, upcoming member-only related activities, community events and other mothering related topics.
  • Kids Outings: Our Kids Outing Coordinators often are organizing events that are exclusive to our members. Private music classes, discounted
    entries to various local attractions, safety classes and more. These events often give you a chance to try new children’s activities without any other commitments!
  • Sub Clubs: We have several smaller social clubs within our group – polo tailgaters, book club, movie club, scrapbookers and more. If there isn’t one that fits your interest, you can start it!
  • Sunshine Meals: If you’ve just delivered a baby, are battling an illness or just need a little help, our sunshine meal coordinator can arrange for some moms to come and help you out with some dinners from salad to main course with sides and dessert. Everyone deserves a little sunshine in their life!
  • Quarterly Meetings: Our quarterly Board meetings feature topics ranging from children’s health, preschool selection to planning birthday parties or fitness for moms. Over the years, we’ve brought in many locally and nationally acclaimed speakers relevant to mothering and parenting.
  • Playgroups: Playgroups are organized by mothers within the club and our Playgroup Coordinator. Some are all ages andFriends others are organized by age. It’s a great opportunity for Moms to connect with other Moms… and for our little ones to play together too!
  • School Ambassador Program: Our members volunteer to help answer questions about the local public and private schools. Our School Ambassador is always there to help connect you with other moms in your school or to help you learn more about the different school choices.
  • Exclusive Members-Only Events: Members are invited to take part in our seasonal celebrations such as Halloween Trunk-or-Treat, Sunday with Santa, Easter egg hunt and the Back to School/End of Summer Bash – all of which are always fun for the whole family!
  • Local Resources and Recommendations: Need a painter? Someone to fix your A/C? What about a pediatrician or a specialist? Do you need a reliable babysitter? No problem. Our members are here to offer their advice provide you with many names and numbers!

Join us today and form long-lasting friendships with other mothers of young children in your area and across our city. Let the adventures begin!

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